I have a chance to buy a 97 and 99 GTX from an older couple that have rarely used them and kept them indoors. The skis look virtually brand new.

I don't know anything about these particular skis, or jet-ski's in general. Can anyone give some advice about:

1. The 99 has a decal that says "Fuel Injection" but both engines look about the same. Are they fuel injected or do they have carbs? If FI, does that mean they won't "gum up" from sitting?

2. Is there anything to worry about with these skis? - i.e. a part that regularly fails.

3. Assuming they have only been run a few times in the last several years, what should I do the first time out with them?

4. The sellers want $6500 for the pair - is this a deal?

Thanks for your help!