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    Calling all 4-tech experts!

    I've gotta problem. My poor 02 4-tech is sick.

    Problem started a couple weeks ago, when I start it cold it will not rev above idle till warmed up. It will stall and die. I cannot give it any gas till it's warmed up.

    there are no codes appearing
    It idles perfect
    It runs perfect after warming up for 10 minutes

    My thoughts:
    thoought it was CTS sensor, but OHM readings are right on
    Thought it was oil pressure sensor, replaced still same

    Any thoughts or things to check?


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    Did this start after you filled the gas tank? When was the last time the plugs were changed? Did you ever change the $20 fuel filter in the tank?... Ron

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    oil and plugs were changed while trying to diagnose by dealer.

    no, I have only owned for 3 months, so no fuel filter change.
    I'm willing but why would it run fine at full throttle after arm up?

    It started after a tank fill yes, but that was 2 tankfulls ago. I fill up everytime I go out.


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    can anybody diagnose well? I could use some help

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    I would be looking at the terminals and wiring related to the coolant temp sensor I would try another sensor but a wiring fault between the sensor and ecu/pins will cause similar issues

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    How many hours? Have you checked compression?

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    my swag is the tps

    and you say a dealer checked this one out?..I assume they hooked the buds up to it? Checked the fuel pressure?...if the pump filter gets waterlogged it could be seriously restricting the fuel flow

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    Borrow an ECU.

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