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    Email EPA re 15% Ethanol increase

    If you are not on AWA mailing list:

    The EPA is working on a bill to increase ethanol in gasoline to 15%, up from 10%. We need to tell the EPA this is not a good bill. Below is a link to write the EPA about this issue.

    once there click on Tell EPA to Deny Waiver Petition to Allow E15.

    The letter is already written (you can edit it if you wish) then add your name and address and send it...

    Everyone, please participate!! Takes 2 minutes or less...

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    What percentage of ethanol can the 4tec motor handle again? I thought it hated that crap?

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    as far as I know all motors sold in the US after the late 1980's have to be able to run 10% without issue. That being said, I doubt that an extra 5% alcohol will really do much harm. It would be foolish for a engine MFR to design a fuel system that close to the limit, IMO.

    it's realy only a problem in older machines with crappy fuel lines or fiberglass gas tanks.

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    any ethanol is bad for 2-strokes, going to 15% would just make it worse.

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    our gas pumps in town..EPA direct email on the ethanol deal

    now have a big sticker on em stating:

    "up to 10% ethanol"

    I wrote to the EPA weeks ago about this... caught a story on USA today about it, but of course they didn't provide any web link for the "public" comment.

    I did find some info about it and a email address to make a direct comment: [email protected]

    put this in the subject line:

    Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0211

    Bigger fish are involved here..American Honda power products was quoted in another web article on this topic and it's know that Stihl products is not providing warranty coverage for products damaged by use of E10.

    After last summer's nightmare ( we had a very damp monsoon season and boats were crapping out from Phase seperation all over the lake) I advise all of my customers to only use high test, even with an average relative humidity here of 10% I'm seeing water problems already. folks leave thier gas can vents open and the water is absorbed like a sponge. Last season for winterizing carb skis, I drained the tanks completely. Injected skis got stabilized high test ( with balking at the higher price of the fuel. Gas here has gone up .25 in the last couple of weeks, readying for the memorial day bleeding of the tourists.

    As always individual letters will get more notice thena bulk form letter. Take a minute or two to state who you are and why you're against more ethanol in our pump gas. I made the point that with flex fuel / e85 cars in supply now, a bigger push to require E85 at big oil distribution stations is a much betyter way of boosting ethanol use. Almost every station is vegas has E85 now

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