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    Velocity stacks for FX /FX HO ?

    For those that have added the stacks. Did you also add the filter ?

    Is there a performance difference between the R&D or Riva ones ?

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    I used riva's with the k&n filter. Never gps the difference. All it leads to is water intrusion. I ride almost all offshore wave jumping. And the bottom of the k&n filter is open with no baffel. The butterflys and opening of the throttel bodys got some corrosion because of this. Imo leave it alone.

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    I put in a Riva Air Filter first, and then the throttle stacks. I use mine off shore, but haven't had a look inside recently, so can't comment on water intrusion/corrosion.

    My ski runs more lumpy on tick over with both filter and stacks, but the throttle response is much quicker/better, and anything past tickover is more responsive. It sounds better and is throatier.

    As for speeds, my ski used to do 58-60 GPS. I've got most of the Riva HO mods, apart from a ride plate. I think I've even got your Riva sponsons. Ski does 63GPS now and is defo the fastest FX160 out of our group of 4 of them.

    I still ended up getting an SHO, but.........I just had to

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