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    '03 GTX SC - Loss of RPM's and MPH...CEL on

    I was riding today for about 2 hours and headed back to the dock when my speed went from 60mph to 25-30mph and my RPM's cut in half. A loud beep occured and the CEL came on flashing. I turned the engine off at the ramp to load it up, and when I cranked it back up to get it on the trailer the light was gone and the engine started back up. Any ideas what happend and is now broken or about to next time I take it out? Hoping to get an idea here before I take it to the shop next week. Thanks

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    Turned out to be code P1202. Front oil sensor went bad. For running the BUDS, part and labor was $130. Seemed like a good price and they did it all in about 1.5hrs.

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