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    PROS and CONS 03 & 04 MSX 140

    Have been offered a couple of MSX 140's One appears to run OK...the other fires occasionally but won't stay running...Should I run from these things???.... are they worth diving into??? Clean freshwater ski's with 120 hours on them.... Compression is good on all cylinders.....
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    Click here for the Polaris Service manuals, and other useful info.

    Whether they are good value partially depends on the pricing and the overall condition of each of them. I have a 2004 MSX 140, and like it a lot.

    Some folks are leery of the Ficht fuel injection. Personally, I enjoy the linear throttle response, excellent fuel economy (for a PWC), and simple engine design.

    There are a few important Service Bulletins that Poalris issued for the 2003 MSX 140. You need to check the HIN number with a dealer to confirm these updates have in fact been performed for the 2003.

    There were a few for the 2004 MSX 140, which you should also check. These are somewhat less critical, and some you can do yourself.

    The non-running MSX 140 (which model year?) is likely to need one of the following;
    Fuel pump repair
    EMM repair
    Flywheel stator replacement

    I will assume you have, or will, check that the correct spark plugs are installed (critical with this engine, no substitutes), and all the other standard checks for a 2-stroke engine have been done.

    Battery must be healthy for the engine to start. Look for more than 10.5 volts while cranking.

    Check the fuel pressure at the Schrader valve with the engine cranking. Should be 20PSI or higher. If pressure is low, check that you have any fuel flow at all from the Schrader valve. There is a fuse for the fuel pump, hidden inside an electrical connector cap near the battery.

    If fuel pressure is good, then there are some things to check on the stator coils. If coil ohms and AC cranking voltage are within spec, then the EMM is probably the thing that needs fixing. If you pull the flywheel, you can check whether any of the magnets have come loose.

    DFI Technologies can repair the EMM. Cost varies, but typically runs $300-$700.

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