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    Aftermarket air filters

    Hi Guys new to the site although have been checking it out for a little while now and reading some good stuff.

    I was wondering if you could help, I want to put 2 aftermarket air filters on my Sxr that i have on my sxi pro. The sxr is completely stock. Will i need to adjust carbs or will the difference be that minimal that it should be ok??



    Posted this originally in the wrong section. hope someone can answer, i have been told rejet carbs and adjust pop offs!! is this true??

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    you are going to need to rejet. more air in with out compensating that with more fuel will lean the motor out and cause detonation and possible seizure of the motor.

    call kevin collins @ wamiltons 561-881-2164 he will get you set-up

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    Thanks for the answer, I thought it may have been a bit more than just fitting them.. I didn't realise that there would be much more air going in. Thanks again

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