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    Ultra 150 Carbs ?

    How often/hours should you run before getting the carbs cleaned or re-done?

    I have had my 04' 150 for almost 3 years and have put about 50 hours in that time,
    and noticed the last time i rode it just wasn't as crisp on the trottle and a little loss of speed

    It has been converted to pre-mix and i run 40-1 , all stock

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    Honestly I wouldnt touch them unless there is a real problem, Your speed loss could be as simple as changing your plugs for new one's.

    When was the last time you changed your spark plugs?.

    I know just from testing that I could loose about 50 rpm easy from older plugs because when replaced Im back to max rpm;s from when I test certian setups. As much as 100rpm on tripple pipe setups.

    About every 20hr at least I would do plugs for max performance... Which is still along time of riding for about $10 or less of maintenance. Plus an easy diagnostic check to see if thats the problem. You wont beileve how many times people have had small problems and a simple plug change and your good. Some times people forget the simple stuff.

    You could run your oil at 50:1 if ya want which is just fine .....stock runs 100:1 at idle and 60:1 at WOT when oil injection is used.

    Oh you said your running premix and not oil injection anymore.

    Did someone do the work or did you. Because it does require that the motor be removed and the cases are split and check valves are pluged.

    Just checking on your setup a little.


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    Thanks Jonny5

    I recently replaced the plugs.The conversion was done by a mechanic at a dealership.
    he told me to run 40-1.

    I did some searching on the forums when i first bought it because people have told me to run 32-1 for longgevity.I ran it like that a few tank fulls but seemed real sluggish and some loss of power.So i went back to 40-1.I also dont go everywhere running W.O.T.Usually just cruising around,unless someone wants to try me.

    What do you suggest as a normal usage oil/fuel ratio?


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