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    Exclamation GP1200r Bog /Hesitation problem

    Hello I'm new to the fourms and new the the GP's. I just traded my SXR for a 01 GP1200. The ski has a protec head, ride plate, intake grate, turbo tube, F/A's, Waveeater clips and couplers, converted to premix and some other minor bolt-ons. I did a compression test and had 140 - 130 - 138. (should i be scared of the 130?)The previous owner said the Cards we're rebuilt over the winter, with the following jetting.
    pilot 110
    main 125
    Needle and seat 1.5
    spring 95 gram
    accel. Pump disabled
    1 turn lows
    1.5 turns highs

    I tried it out today for the first time on the water. It runs fine on the trailer with the hose..Its hard to start, finally got it started and took it out. It has a bad hesitation when you fist hit the throttle from idle. Got it up to about 20mph and cruised a little then bam it boged down to about 8mph. Hit the throttle and did it agian run to 20 then down to 8-10.. I then held at WOT it hesitated then finally took off got to about 35mph and run a few mins then died down agian to 8-10. Headed back to the trailer and it would not rev up just "bog", all i had was a fast idle about 5-8 mph.

    The plugs look brand new, the previous owner said it need a #2 plug wire, I checked the resistance and it wasn't high, but could that be the problem? It sounds like a fuel issue to me, but I don't know where to start. Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    I think you need to check the carbs.

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    welcome to the forum

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    It sounds like its in the carbs.

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    Thanks, and Thanks for the help.
    I'll pull off the carbs and take a look, what particular part/area should I be looking at?

    Thanks agian for the help.

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    Well I started with the carbs last nite, I checked the high side and they were out 3 turns, not a good start. A newbie question, 1.5 turns means its tightened then backed off 1.5 turns? like any other carbs?
    I'm going to try and get them off tonite. Another question does the accelator pump (disabled but installed) work as a priming pump if i remove the choke plates? or should i install a priming kit?

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    I got the rack off tonite and check the low adjusters they were out 1.
    I'm going take them apart tomorrow and look at them, what should i look for/check before buying the rebuild kits?

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    hey chad hows it going.. im having same issues on my 95... i took it out today and it ran good but would bog on any throttle above idle.. then id have to full choke it for it to respond... anytime i came off the off full trottle it was same issue of pulling choke to get it to open up again... then it died while i was pretty far out and some how managed to limp it back in after serveral start attempts.... im scared to death to open these carb but think im going to get a flush kit and start with idle adjustment and go from there....ive had nothing but issues rebuilding weedeater carbs that i ended up buying new ones and i know if i open these i wont be able to rebuild them properly......let me know what u find out ....

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