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    98 GSX Limited Intake Grate


    I have a 98 GSX-L ... anyone get any gains by putting an intake grate on these? My intake grate has a tweaked fin that may be scrubbing some speed off so i figured i might have something to gain by moving to a aftermarket grate?


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    When I bought mine they did not have any grate. I ended up getting a WORX grate and lost some top end. Not sure about how the stock grate compares. If you are looking to gain a little top end get a rejet and filter kit for your carbs. Bill O'neal at watercraft magic sells them which is similar to the mods discussed in sticky at top of this forum, Bens Secret Mods.

    Also make sure you have done the items discussed in the DYI fuel system cleaning.

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    Most (if not all) grates for the GSX-L are focused towards retaining hookup, not gaining speed. That said, if you're processing more water, you'll retain top speed in the chop. I put a top-loader style grate and Skat pump on my GSX-L years ago and it rides 100% better.

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    Mods to my ski:

    Solas 15/20 (looking for 14/19 or 13/19 currently, im a heavy guy so im a bit too much for the big prop at this point)
    Jet Kit (as reccomended in bens secret mods for carbs w/o accelerator pumps)
    Air filters
    ADA racing 50cc dome head (165psi on both cyl)
    +1 degree timing in MPEM (only 1 degree to maintain ability to run 89 gas on the bay)

    All of the fuel lines have been replaced with new ethanol compatible lines

    Im only turning a max of 6800rpm, usually around 6750rpm right now, hoping that a smaller prop will get me back into that sweet spot around 6900rpm)

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    Well during all my experiments with GSXL's I learned one real important thing. Dont run with out a grate and a Worx grate makes the boat hook up with an expectable loss. The GSXL was know for changing direction without warning even on flat water with a small wake. A few of the guys on Seadoo net got a big laugh seeing me skip across the water at 60+ from a sailboat wake. I had cut the center bar out of the stock grate and smoothed the edge to match. Ouch. Then on a flat lake it tossed me with the stock grate. I changed to a worx and lost 1mph but made it up tuning. I have had 3 GSXL's the Favorite one was a 99 with Coffman Scat pump Proks and a modified stock head. It had a hole shot to rival an RXP-X and could still do a controled 180 in its own length and not drop off plane. Best surf boat. I could hit the same wave at Sebastian 3 times before it got to the beach. WORX INMHO

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