Is testing RXP-X 255 HP - SD machine, when out of nothing the tachometer has stopped to display RPM. It shows in the "progress-bar" but not in numbers, some times very rarely it jumps to 5000 RPM and secounds after its back to "0 RPM".

Another text pops up in the display:

Exact print:

"T XXX (Numbers varies between 400-700)
2 Hours"

I can also not see fuel gage bar, but that is mabye normal if i have a lot of gas?

I have been using it only two hours and the Noozle is also pointing somewhat in the wrong direction when the steering is a the center.. Also allready adjusted the steering with regards of heigth (screw got loose)

I feel that everything happens so soon with this new demo RXP-X.

Hope for your help !