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    This fu&^#$g polaris wont fu$%&g start

    Hey guys just installed new ignition upgrade in my 98 slh got everything bolted down hit the button and aftera few seconds it started and ran for about 30-40 sec than died... Now wont start checked spark didnt see one if there is a spark its weak...

    What the hell is going on i just spent 250.00 on parts and it looks like the same problem.....

    Does the timing have anything to do with the spark or starting ...

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    I'm sure that you checked (please no offense) but did you turn the fuel on? On my boats there is a fuel knob that turns off the fuel. It sounds like your boat is out of gas.

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    yea it is out of gas i emptied tank due to old fuel buti was pouring fuel down carbs ... an empty tank would not give me spark issues...

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    Check the battery voltage while cranking. It must be over 10.5 volts while cranking or you will not have spark.

    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals.

    There is a 'No Spark' diagnostic outlined in the manual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals.

    There is a 'No Spark' diagnostic outlined in the manual.
    I feel your pain. The service manuals K447 provided are a huge help. Good luck to you.

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    Just my two cents from recent experience, trust K447's, and plenty of the other guys advice here.

    You can't take loose or bad connections seriously enough. Seems elementary sometimes, but I have had a couple of recent issues with my ski that were a result of loose and corroded connections. But have had weak spark and all kinds of problems from what I thought was a good battery.

    Last year, ski would not start becuase of battery. Battery voltage must be checked with a volt meter, the MFD is not relaible when cranking so I have come to find out and by reading the help these guys have helped me with.

    My battery was brand new (just purchased), showed good on mfd and volt meter, just sitting, but crapped out when cranking and load was put on it. Just happened to be a a bad new battery. By a new good agm sealed battery, charge it correctly before first use.

    You may alerady know all of this, and if so, sorry to waist your time reading. These were suggested to me and saved me a ton of money. Still new here, just trying to help others as they've helped me.

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    First test

    Hook the ski battery directly to your car... (don't start it!!).. Everybody thinks their battery is awesome, and many times it's the culprit.. Don't try a quick start pack, or another ski... IT WILL NOT hurt your ignition as long as the car is not running...


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    I agree, from my experience most of the time its the battery.

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