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    Break in period and Noise at 5000rpms on 05 GTX Limited

    I just took my new seadoo out on the lake yesterday and put 2.5 hours on it. I kept it under 35 for cruising and only took it WOT about 5 times. How important is this procedure? The dealer said it has to go 10 hours? Also at about 4500-5000 rpms I hear a really high pitch whine? I was wondering if that was normal or just the supercharger? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yes yo can here the supercharge and i think 10 hour is crucial for warranty only. QAfter 2 HOUR YOU CAN DO SOME WIDE OPEN BURST Not hold it wide open for long period but a couple of seconds and keep rpm varied thru breakend dont run at a constant rpm

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    The 10 hour break-in seems conservative, especially since you're still elated to have bought one and want to see what she'll'll hear all sorts of people saying you can do this or that, but I figured it's quite a monetary investment and not to leave something to chance. I had a more conspicuous noise on my '04 RXP around that same RPM range at break-in and asked a similar question on a forum too...I was relieved to read all the others that heard similar things and others saying it's normal. Either I don't notice it or it's no longer there.

    Congrats on your new ski!

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    Thanks for the replys I appreciate the input. I will let you all know how things go.

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    I think its from the pipes,seems like when I get mine up on plane it sounds awsome around 5 grand,im at 5.6 hrs on my RTX..... ENJOY!

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