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    WTB grate,Block offs, and SC impeller

    I need a riva top loader intake grate and either riva or RE OPAS block offs. Also looking for a greenwheel or gen 2 or a complete SC with this already installed. Please let me know if anyone has these as i need them ASAP thanks

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    still in need of parts. block offs need to be riva pro series or RE ones. msg me with what u have thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by duane View Post
    I have the Rotax racing wheel which is very close to a greenwheel.
    I do also have a stock SC I can install it into and add new metal washers with the updated shaft design.
    Let me know if you are interested...
    +1 on the rr wheel i am getting 10.2 psi

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    still looking for top loader intake grate. also would still like pro series or RE block offs

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