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    Wanted 720 engine block

    Hello all I normally hang out in the polaris forum but a buddy needs a SEA-DOO 720 engine block if you happen to have one for sale send me a pm or just reply to this thread thanks.. Cya Slick

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    Does he just need the case or the crank also. I may have one.

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    He told me he just needs the case but if he happens to need the crank I will let you know, how much for the case??? Thanks Cya Slick

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    i just got in a 95 XP, frehswater, that runs good, i am going to part out. i plan on selling the short block, complete, if that helps him at all. it has 150psi compresion on each cyl.

    sorry, i do not have any 720 cases seperate at this time.

    let me know if i can help.


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    where are you located? i have a shortblock with what seems to be a good crank but the jugs are corroded throught the outside water jacket. you can weld them up and be ok or just use the parts you need. $100 plus shipping. i actually have 2 of these. $200 plus shipping for both. the cases would need blasted and painted to look pretty.

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    Thanks John you have always been helpful, Oh wait a minute I do need some thing from you I need a purple gas cap for a 1995 Sl750 good shape one if you have it, I will go check your store..

    redemn93 here is my buddy's e-mail and phone number you can get in contact with him [email protected] and his phone is 586-716-5294 thanks Cya Slick

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    I have a perfect set of 720 cases, freshwater, nice RV surface and all gasket/seal surfaces mint.

    $250 shipped.

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    Both of you have his contact info get in touch with him.. Cya Slick

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