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    some work on the GPR

    finishing up some work on the GPR, installed the UMI steering a few days ago and mocked up the bars... pro taper Platinum, set up the Riva finger throttle, decided to go with the Riva drop nozzle lever kit, this was time consuming to adjust and set up where I wanted the nozzle, usually it`s designed for all the way down to just below neutral on the nozzle. I did my own adjustments to have the nozzle slightly up past neutral and not at the very bottom. I never used the quick trim all the way down nor all the way up, so for me it`s good...

    added a few washers to the spring loaded return, they were not supplied, surprisingly there is a lot of spring pressure and you can increase it by adjusting outward.

    haven`t decided on what exactly to do with the tiny tach from the last custom mount with the stock bars and pad, so I quiclky carved this piece out and mounted it here...(see pic) until I decide on something else...

    after I was satisfied, I marked everything, removed the screws/bolts and applied loctite and tightened appropriately

    then went on the custom cover from you know who!
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    Looks great

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    Damn good work Andy. There's no half-assing with your work.

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    Thanks guys

    beer, yeah I had to really open up the hole, kinda a upside down light bulb, so the drop nozzle cable, throttle cable, on/off, and tach wires could move freely while all stuffed in the re-used OEM grommet thing...

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    looks fantastic bro'!!!

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