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    No spark on GSX....need help

    I have a 1997 GSX that has no spark. The ski when I bought it the cust stated it had water in the engine compartment. I got it home checked spark - good, turned the motor over untill all the water came out the spark plug holes , installed new plugs and it fired right and ran good on the trailer. I went to start it this spring and it would not go, I checked the plugs found that I had some water and oil on the plugs again. I started to pump out any stuff that may have accumulated in the crank over the winter. I forgot to ground out the plug wires, I thought shit! I went to ground them out and heard a cracking noise at the ground off pegs....went to check spark again nothing. I looked and found that the rectifier has some burn marks (3 of them) inside it. By not grounding the plugs could that have cooked it? If I replace it annd do things right next time will spark come back? The MPEM seems to be fine, the display comes up, turns the motor over, trim work I don't thimk that is it.
    Any help would be great!

    Thanks again.

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    Sorry guys my spelling is terrible!

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