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    Starter issue 05 STX12F

    Last year this ski took in salt water in the engine compartment. Took it home thouroghly flushed it out. Used it seveal more times in fresh water. Put it up for winter. Pulled it out and tried to start it . The started motor spins but does not engage. I looked through the service manual but I don't see any sort of a bendix drive. Has any one run into this before ? Any sugestions would be appriciated.

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    Mine did it a couple times when it was new but then stopped.It has a bendix style engagement but it appears to be in the flywheel area seperate from the starter.

    Electric Starter System

    Reduction Gear Removal/Installation
    Before removing the reduction gear, remove the magneto
    flywheel (see Engine Bottom End chapter).

    When installing the reduction gear, apply a molybdenum
    disulfide grease [A] to both ends of its shaft.

    Reduction Gear Inspection

    Rotate the pinion gear [A] counterclockwise. The gear
    must be rotated freely .

    Rotate the pinion gear clockwise all the way. The pinion
    gear will be advanced along the reduction gear shaft, and
    stop against the stopper [A].

    Release the pinion gear. The pinion gear must return to
    the initial position rapidly.If the pinion gear does not function properly, replace it.

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    When you say it did it a couple of times the stopped. Did you do any thing to it or did it stop on its own?

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    Stopped on its own.

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