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    Pro 785 cases & core cranks, jugs

    I have a couple sets of 785 pro cases (97-98 for sure), with rebuildable cranks. Each one has a rod bearing that went out. Also have many cylinders, some are runnable, but not great, some would have to be replated. I'd separate the cases and cranks if you wanted one or the other. I dunno what to ask for the stuff, cylinders would be cheap, cases and cranks ya don't see too much so we could negotiate on that. Hopefully neither of my pros will need this stuff anymore, I'm starting to get too many spare parts layin around.
    I'm also looking for a voltage regulator/rectifier for a 97-98 pro.

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    Cranks and one set of cases are sold. Cylinders are still avalible, but I have somebody that may take them. Have 1 set of cases left and a head.

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    Got a regulator from John Zigler....great guy. Anyways, still have the cylinders and a set of cases left.

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