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    MSX110 Problem Help!!!

    I have a MSX 100 and over the past years since i bought it new i have had no problems with it until now. I like to run the ski on reletively calm waters and have had no trouble with it mechanically. I started it up recently and it made a weird rubbing noise while starting. Just thought it was the first start of the season but it is happening everytime. I don't dare put it in the water until I get it fixed but I don't have a clue what it is. Any ideas??? I have a feeling it's either the impeller or the drive shaft but im not sure. I won't take it to the local dealer where i got it because i don't trust them and they overcharge. Any information will be helpful.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Click here for Service manuals, and more.

    Do you ride in salt water?
    How many riding hours on the machine?

    Remove the spark plugs, and turn the engine over by hand using the drive shaft coupler behind the engine. It should turn smoothly, with no binding, grinding or rubbing.

    Listen to the jet pump while someone turns the coupler. Normally, the impeller rotates inside the jet pump wear ring, but does not touch anything. There should be no noises, just smooth rotation.

    Now remove the jet pump and drive shaft. You only need to remove the four LONG bolts from the rear of the jet pump, and the various small cables and hoses. The pull the pump straight out. It can be tight, so some wiggling side to side is OK. Just don't bend it way over to one side or the other.

    When you have it out, check the impeller for binding. Examine the blade outsides for signs of rubbing. The impeller should spin smoothly without grinding noises from the bearings, not any wobble.

    If the bearings have failed, they can be replaced.

    Another possibility is that the bearing inside the drive shaft through-hull bearing+seal assembly has failed. This can also be rebuilt.

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    Sound like the stainless wear ring may have 'Grown' into the impeller region!
    This has happened to both my two salt water machines, The replacement new wear liner is all stainless in construction so the problem of the alloy growing and pushing the wear liner into the impeller is solved.

    Or it might not be that at all. Check what K447 says.


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