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    XL1200 power snaps in at 5500 rpm - normal?

    Is this normal? I'm skiing at about 35 mph at about 5000rpm. I give her a little gas to bring the speed up and I soon as I hit 5500rpm, the power kicks in and I'm going 60mph at 7000rpm. There really is no in-between. Is that pretty typical for a 1200 2-stroke? Any adjustment I can make to smooth it out?

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    Do you have any mods?
    It's your ski the limited edition? (has power valves)
    Maybe...if its the pv model, Your powervalves are opening at that range and you could also have high pop off at your carbs.

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    No mods. This is a power valve motor. I did a bunch of testing and the pop-off is at 80-82 PSI. This has the cat and all other factory intake/exhaust parts - bone stock.

    Can I adjust the power valves?

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    If the intake is stock, popoff should be ok. Power valves can be adjusted with aftermarket parts.
    I would Check if the catcon is ok...
    also inspect pv's for proper function.

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    Mine is smooth all the way up to full throttle, no big jump. Are there any other symptoms?

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    The intake is all stock. The jets in the carb are also stock. Carbs just rebuilt (gold spring with 80 to 82 psi pop-off). The cat converter was in good condition when I inspected it about 2 weeks ago. I am running 50:1 in the gas tank as well as the oil injection since this is a newly rebuilt motor. It starts easy and sounds great. I did get an exhaust temp alarm when I first rode but that went away.

    I'll be going about 30 to 35 mph at about 5000 rpm. Give her just a bit more gas in an attempt to get it going 40 mph and {bam} all 155 horses kick in and its at 7000 rpm and the speed in climbing. Feels like I just hit the nitrous switch! I basically have no ability to run in the 5500 to 7000 rpm range.

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    That's definitely the PV's kicking in. Have you checked the cables to/from the PV motor for proper adjustment?

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    I didn't check the cables to the power valves. They are hooked up and the servo can be heard turning when I bump the engine. How do I change the power valves' setting? Is that power surge normal for a power valve motor? Is this a matter of taking up some slack in the cables?

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    Is it possible that my cables on the power valves are reversed? Am I open when I should be closed and closed when I should be open?

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