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    FS 19" black Sevas S-Star rims staggered deep dish fit mustang supra 350z G35

    Edit: Sold.
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    These will probably fit RWD Lexus vehicles as well- IS300, IS350 etc.

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    Very nice wheels..Bump for a good deal

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    thanks homie

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    make an offer. I want these outta here.

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    I would like to see pix of the wheels front and rear. These will fit my widebody Rx7.
    What are the Wheel offsets front and rear?
    And what are the tire sizes?

    I'm very interested. These would be shipped to 47620. I know you don't wanna ship, but i like em alot.

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    They are ideal for cars like ours because they have a 20mm offset. They will fit your fender well flush.

    I only have pics of them on a 350z...

    see here

    I will go and double check the tire size. PM me what you want to spend and if I can live with it, Ill include shipping in the price.

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