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    FS 19" black Sevas S-Star rims staggered deep dish fit mustang supra 350z G35 IS350

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    Joe/Super duty-
    LMK if you know any mustang peeps who might be interested.

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    No Problem!!

    Ill keep an ear open for you on LMMC to see if anyone is looking for something like this.


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    They are a higher end CAST wheel.. similar to Axis etc. They are not of the quality of a forged wheel- but obviously the price reflects that. They are not that heavy either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    These will fit Mustangs, Supras, 350z, G35, and probably IS300, IS350 etc. They are 19X9 front and 19X10 rear. There is a 2.5" lip front and 3.5" lip rear. The bolt pattern is 5X114 which is a common bolt pattern but the offset is 20mm which is fairly agressive. I dont think they will work on an RSX or Eclipse etc because they are likely to stick out too far.

    They come with General exclaim brand Z rated tires- front 90% rear 80% tread.

    One rim has a curb rash- not too bad. $100 to fix at a wheel shop.

    Asking $950 OBO cash and carry.

    I will provide actual pics soon.

    If you own a 350z or G35, I will take $650 plus a set of 18" touring rims or stock 18" G35 rims.

    These rims retail for $1400 w/o tires.
    Are the rims still availabele? Will they fit an 04' Nissan Maxima?

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    No they sold sorry. I think you need a higher offset wheel, perhaps 40mm or so. A 20mm offset would be too agressive. They would stick out too far and look dumb, not to mention kick rocks on the side of your car.

    Stock 18" 350z wheels will probably look good on older maximas. Im not sure what year you have...

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    I have a 2004 nissan maxima SL

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    If you dont care about wheels slowing you down a little bit- look to a 20" wheel. Those Maxima's have an enormous wheel gap. There are lots of cast 20" wheels on ebay cheap.

    If you want something forged and OEM, Im sure some of the infinity models have 20" wheels available- the M series sedan or the FX.. just an idea. Im sure that there are a lot of take-offs on ebay as well.

    If youre interested, I have some 350Z HID headlight ballasts that I need to get rid of. Im sure you could use them to fabricate your own lights into true HIDs.

    LMK if you think you can do anything with them. Id like to get them out of the basement.
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