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    1995 slx 780 cdi into a 1994 sl750 ?

    IS THIS POSSIBLE ? ..... we had some spare time and decided to try the 780 cdi i just took off on my father in-laws 94 sl750 .

    we took it to the lake to give it a shot and it seemed like it didn't want to past 5800-6000 rpm. checked wash, fuel, plugs ,ect,..... all seemed ok.

    All the wires match up except for the gray wire on the 780's cdi. normally it would go to the lr54 on the 780 , but on the 750 its not there . Does the gray wire need to go somewhere or just tape it up ?

    before all of the cdi swaping , both skis with the orig. cdi's on them ran great.

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    Yes it will work.

    The gray wire is for the limp mode, of which the 750 didn't have. So, tape it up.

    The 780 has more timing than the 750, so you may need a bit more fuel to the carbs.

    Rev limiter is the same as a 750 CDI at 6700 RPM.

    There's something else that's holding that ski back.

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