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    Riva intake manifold kit. How hard to install?

    Just wondering before i dive into. Not real mechanical. But i mess with stuff. I started to read desructions and i got nervous

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    Make sure you plug all the Electrics back In Properly...

    The one good thing about riva stuff is they come with good instructions follow then you'll be right...I pulled my F/A out the TB hole PITA...

    Just make sure you drill the end of the Intake out straight or you may have trouble fitting the Block off...

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    intake upgrade

    so this upgrade seems to be worth it do you half to take the intake off to drill the hole and it is infront of the motor when your looking in at the motor top side

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    its not really worth it Didn't do much for me....Yes you will have to take the Intake manifold off...if you have the Riva kit you may be able to drill the hole with it still attached.... but depends how much plastic ends up in your intake from drilling...because you fog your ski it'll get stuck on the walls of your intake I had to wash mine out and leave it to completly dry so there were no bits of broken down filter left in there....But I just broke down my filter and pulled the pieces out through the Throttle body....If you havn't already bought the Riva kit don't bother It really does nothing Noticeable when your on the water...

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    intake boost

    so to install boost gauge you need to do the the up grade i guess

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    no I wouldn't think so...I got a BOV in and just got it taped into the boss on the stock intake without the riva block off and it works great no leaks nothin...I can post some picks if you like

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    intake boost

    ya shore some pics would be nice thanks . theother thing is if i put the 15/22r prop from riva do really need the nozzle to tune with so far 70.00 on gps full tank but my rpms are to high though it goes right to 8040-an climbs to 8140- 8160 an hits rev limter to about 1000.00 ft out. back an fourth

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    Sounds like it's time to repitch your prop or better yet, buy the pro nozzle with interchangeable ring sizes. If you repitch your prop now, you'll have low rpms when it gets really hot.

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    for same price as the Riva kit... i'll sell a complete intake manifold with the flame arrestor already removed and i'll drill and tap the end of the intake manifold cap to 1/8" NPT so u can install a boost guage or RRFPR to it

    then all u gotta do is take your manifold out and bolt this one in there instead with no cutting or drilling or touching your stock one.


    do it yourself for FREE by removing the manifold and taking the throttle body off and with about 15 minutes and patience you'll have the flame arrestor collapsed and out and a hole drilled and tapped

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    some pics....

    you could thread this after you drill it...But the guy I had do it just glued in a fitting and glued the hose on....I tried to pull the hose off to get a better PIC but it isn't budging...The hardest thing about getting the Manifold off is unclipping everything(electrics)....I would recomend you pull the Intake off for the removal off the F/A..But the install off the BOV and maifold hose was done with the Intake in place....I'm going to get rid of the BOV i think then just reroute this hose to a Boost gauge
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