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    carbon fiber seat for gpr

    guys i am looking for some posts to help me out with a dilemma in hand,i have had a carbon fiber gpr seat unit offered to me by a guy who has sold his gpr and has this left in his loft,he assures me its carbon and seems to know his gpr stuff real good,
    it comes with a seat pad cover installed and is the correct colour for my ported gpr but has a few marks here and there so may need a paint later,

    my questions are these..

    what do these fetch $$

    am i better off with a fiber glass coco seat IF i have to have one

    why does the paint seem to crack on all these carbon seat units and can they be worked so it dont happen again....

    do they cut into the stock hull any thus marking it or damaging the hull seat area

    thanks paul

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    Get it, those things are like gold if it is truely made from CF.

    I have one I bought 2 years ago and still havent painted it to match the boat.
    Not sure about the paint cracking thing, hopefully someone can answer that cause I am interested as well.

    I purchased mine for $500. and thought that was a great deal.

    As far as cutting into the hull I cant see where that would happen but as I said havent had it on the ski for riding.
    I do know the stock seat pin is to short. I believe you can use the stock seat pin but you have to use lots of washer to increase the height.

    Now go buy the thing, which boat are you putting it on ?

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    CF seat.
    -Best rear air intake available. It's been copied on so many seat bases, it's ridiculous.
    -The "lines" of the CF seat are incredibly clean. These bad boys are sexy. This thing really makes a gpr looks beautiful. The stock seat looks crappy in comparison.
    -They fetch a pretty high price these days. $500-$1000 is not unheard of.
    -The seat is not made for superman-ing, or even sliding back on the seat. It's a true "one seater" now. It was made to stand over, or sit on before the start of the race. It was also made for the Keebler Elves that race closed course...not normal sized fat ass folks. They flex and bend and will eventually crack. The more you stay off of it, the better.
    -The comfort can be subjective...but really, it's like shoving a 2x4 up your ass and driving 90mph that way. A thicker seat pad, (or Tampon as the french like to label it) helps some. In this case it probably is like inserting a tampon.
    -You lose your rear handle, but like I said, gain the best rear air intake available. It will take on water if you like to be a newb and sitin-spin on your gpr, or even ride ocean very much. You will SWEAR it's your IC leaking, or your head gasket or some other magical problem. It's the air intake. It's the price you pay for the cold air.
    -It does hit up front, especially if the gasket gets wore.
    -It doesn't blend real well with the hood.
    -It is thinner up front. This helps if you can't stand the wide stock seat on the gpr.
    -The seat pin height was mentioned.
    -The pan rivets tend to crack the base, or deform after time. Go with nuts and bolts.
    -Jettrim makes covers for them, and can build you a larger seat cushion.

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    I think what he is says is that its garbage and that you should sell it to me!!

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