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    Question RXT IS vs GTX IS + infos


    I'm new here but I'm reading you since a year... First of all, sorry for my english, I'm a french canadian... By the way, I love USA!

    I'm now finished with university and I'm buying a gift to me. My choice is the RXT IS 2009.

    But I'd like to have information about the diffrences of the GTX IS and RXT IS? I tough the suspension was ajustable only with the GTX but there are some button with arrows to ajust it on the RXT IS I want to buy. It would be cool if someone could point to me the diffrences between those skis.

    Finally, the price for the ski would be 20 400$ (taxes included (15% here)), with a trailer, cover, and 200$ of free stuff. Is it a good price?


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    I bought the RXT IS over the GTX IS just because I liked the color of the RXT. The GTX has a few more features that are standard equipment, but, these options can be added to the RXT as options, and I found adding them later, is actually cheaper. So I ordered mine with the automatic mooring lines, and the depth finder and a cover.

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    The GTX also has a softer suspension and softer seats. I like the RXT color combo and most of the stuff you get with the GTX is just a waste of money anyways.

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    Thanx guys.

    Any impressions of guys that rode it because they are rare on the site and on the WEB!

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