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    2008 Musclecraft Shootout Results

    (note from miketrin: I moved this from announcement to a true post. This post is a year old)

    We started with 4 bone stock musclecraft straight out of the crate. Each was broken in for a period of five hours before any testing was begun and they were broken in as per manufacturers recommendations, not the green hulk way

    Here are a couple of pics of the skis on the way to the lake

    We had decided to weigh each of them to see how they compared to the manufacturers specifications. We drained all the fuel from them to prepare them for the weigh in.

    Every one of them actually weighed in heavier than the claimed weights from the manufacturers. This could be due to the fact that there was probably still about a gallon of fuel in them after we siphoned out all that we could. Also, the batteries were in place. Perhaps the manufacturers claimed weights do not include the battery?

    We really wanted to weigh the crafts right out of the crate but the lift wasn’t ready for us yet.

    Some of us decided to put some fuel in our cars from the fuel we drained off. Here’s Eric Logopoulous putting some fuel in his Caddy

    JD 1 handled the weigh in of each craft

    After all were weighed in we put 5 gallons of fuel back into each ski

    We conducted three different tests

    Drag race
    Timed slalom course
    Top speed shoot out

    We drag raced these skis at least 30 times and even swapped riders to keep it fair. The results were always the same. The RXT-X always pulled away from the pack. It was scary how close the other three skis were as you can see from the pictures and videos. The 215 HP RXT and the SHO were constantly battling it out over second place.

    Closest to the camera is the Yamaha SHO, then the RXT, Kawasaki 250X and the Sea Doo RXT-X





    Here are some still pics of the drag races

    Here’s a hole shot video clip

    I know someone is going to ask. The Kawasaki ran out of gas first during the drag race event.

    Next up was the timed slalom course event. We had three professional riders ride each of the muscle craft through a buoy course of which we timed. To keep the playing field fair, each rider got to make three passes on each ski.

    JD 1 was our official score keeper for this event.

    These are the results of the slalom course.

    I took some pics of your favorite muscle crafts making their paces thru the buoy course.

    Last up was the top speed shoot out where I personally rode each of the skis and made three passes on each one. Each ski had 5 gallons of fuel in it for this test.

    This graph represents the acceleration times.

    Top average speed for each ski were

    Sea Doo RXT-X 67.7
    Yamaha SHO Cruiser 65.85
    Sea Doo RXT 65.09
    Kawasaki 250X 64.87

    And as you can see we finally completed all testing at sun down

    Special thanks to JD 1 and all of the pro riders who helped make this happen.
    I also want to thank Sea Doo who was filming a training video for their dealers and were kind enough to loan us these skis for our testing.

    Sea Doo has video footage of this shootout located here:

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    Be interesting to see how long before the Kawi & Yami guys chime in with --well they did'nt do this or that---or the riders did not know what they were doing--thats not real world water they were riding on-- that test was done a long time ago--Sea-Doo sponsored the test--the Sea-Doos were modified--etc

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    Mike, thanks for posting the results and pix/videos.
    Excellent beta all the way around. Like was posted above me; I'm sure some non SD owner will offer as to why the results were skewed towards the 'Doo, but ya'll's efforts looked pretty damn non bias to me.

    I also think this posting makes an excellent "first stop" informational thread for the newbie/1st time buyer or someone considering a brand swap.

    Kudos again to you and the test team.

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    This test was done over a year ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTrin View Post
    Sea Doo has video footage of this shootout located here:
    Mike, you don't happen to have this video in a high quality format, do you? Sea-Doo took the vid down, and the only copy of it on YouTube I found wasn't the best in quality:


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