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    Rude1 RXP-X all over rev limiter, help with Impeller selection requested!

    Well, after some more recent upgrades I'm all over the rev limiter, and need to get a steeper impeller. I'm currently running a 15/22r but even that's not even close to tall enough. Hole shot and acceleration (along with avoiding pump overstuffing) are my main goals, so I want to keep my 83mm nozzle. I'd actually prefer to run the OEM X nozzle if I could get away with it. (86mm?) and will probably be going back to an 8650-8800 ECU, which the 15/22r was perfect for, so I don't want to (try) bending it.

    So I was hoping for some advice on prop selection for this setup. With a race ECU turning 8500, the setup with the 15/22 is perfect. But running an OEM ECU that I'd like to see turning 8000-8100 loaded down I need a different impeller. Was hoping someone with some P-X experience could point me in the right direction, thanks guys!

    My mods are listed below:
    - Riva 4" rear air
    - Rude1 140mm S/C
    - OEM P-X ECU
    - 50# injectors
    - Rad4 torque plate
    - 2004 "28" camshaft
    - Worx intake grate (Have an R&D grate too, can't decide)
    - rideplate/intake grate holes filled
    - Custom free flow exhaust
    - Riva IC relocation
    - Intake flame arrestor removed
    - Custom Catch can
    - Piranha charge piping w/ Greddy BOV
    - Riva tunable venturi nozzle w/ 83mm ring
    - Piranha front mount
    - various hull air flow intake modifications
    - X-pump w/stainless ring currently 15/22r

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    To me running the 83mm nozzle with RPMS under 8100 the ski felt sluggish to me. It won't be any faster either.

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    Since your running an X and holeshot's the game..I had alot of luck out of a 15/20 three blade with my Rude1, it's alot of prop to spin but it might just work for you at 8100RPM

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    I am running a PX with stock ecu, 2Rude, Solas 15/20 pitched to a 14/23 with a 81mm nozzle. Depending on condition my r's 8060- 8160 with this set up. I would try a 80-81 ring to see r's. Do it in smooth water with some room to slowdown slow. Don't chop it, but I am sure you know that already.

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    Thanks for the input guys, I think I'm going to try out a 3 blade. I have a Watcon gauge, and "tried" to re-pitch a stock X impeller. Interested to see how that turns out, added 2mm to it. But being my first attempt at pitching an impeller I don't think I did a very good job, haha. I'll report back with my results, let you know what I find out!

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    a 23+ degree pitched prop should get you off limiter IMO.

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