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    My first Sea-Doo IS ride

    Thanks to David Shaw and his son Mike (RXTMAN) I was able to spend some ride time on a new 2009 Sea-Doo IS yesterday at Canyon Lake, Tx.
    You plug up the laynard and there is no sound whatsoever.
    No long beep and then no two short beeps. Takes some getting used to. You push the start button--it fires right up--but you dont go anywhere--its in neutral. As soon as you squeze the trigger--it moves forward. Very smooth ride overall. As you go over waves or chop you can see the footwells moving up and down as does the seat. On the left handlebar is a lever (like the front brake on a motorcycle) which if you are going forward and pull on the lever----its the brakes. Also at idle this lever is reverse. What fun is going over 60 mph and "slam on the brakes". It brings the boat to a stop in about two or three boat lengths and gives you a good shower. Boat runs right at 65 MPH and has a very smooth stable quite ride. For those of you who like to do 180s and 360s--this is not the boat for you. Boat feels heavy and is big--which it is--but has good acelleration. Lots of technicial engineerning in this boat. Overall enjoyed the ride. Quite different from any other PWC I have ever riden.

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    i wouldn't mind having that "neutral" feature on my RXP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stradt03 View Post
    i wouldn't mind having that "neutral" feature on my RXP.
    You do - half way between forward and reverse.

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    How well does it do in the chop? Does it sense the waves fast enough to utilize the suspension? Is it actually smooth or does it just take the edge off?

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