Hi got trouble with my rxt, definately electrical because it runs fine when it decides it wants to.

sometimes it runs really rich at idle but when given throttle it clears and runs fine above about 4000rpm.

sometimes it cuts out randomly but will start again straight away and run fine.

it sometimes brings up the fault code for engine coolant temp sensor fault i have replaced it now with a new one and still sometimes get the code come up but not all the time???

it has now started to think it has the DESS key on the post when removed and will start without the key on the post???? i have to take the negative off the battery to turn it of. This problem has now gone but the TOPS valve can be heard clicking all the time the battery is connected!!!

its now bringing up the fault code for a defective compass, very strange because it doesnt have one on it!

think thats most of the problems!!!

anyone got any ideas?? would it be the ecu or mpem?

Cheers Luke