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    Hull scratches on bottom GP1300R


    Just a quick question, on the bottom of the hull of my GP1300R there are 2 or 3 quite deep scratches, probably previous owner hit some stone when sliding it on the the beach or so.

    2 are really deep, offcourse not through the hull itself but through the paint you can see the square's fiberstuff material.

    How can I, and should I, 'repair' this? It is on the bottom so just a quick filler or something should do it, you can only see it when looking under the ski when it's on the trailer so I dont care about 'the looks' but want to make sure it does not eat/rot the hull

    What material should I use, I live in Belgium/Holland (europe) so the product must be available in local (web)shops preferable


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    marine tex will work great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE View Post
    marine tex will work great.

    I cannot seem to find dealers in holland/belgium.. is some other epoxy filler/glue also ok so shield the scratches and paint some black paint over it??

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