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    no fuel pump or turnover

    Hope someone can help i am getting no power to the fuel pump and the ski will not turnover the warning buzzer gives the usuall 2 bleeps when inserting the lanyard.

    I then replaced the main relay at rear of ski and its still the same!!!!!

    My old relay i took to bits and manually made the 2 relays inside and the fuel pump runs and starts no problem. I guess that eliminates everything electrical after the relay as i had it on the water and it ran fine.

    i have 12 volts getting up to the relay aswell so i guess its the display that sends a signal to open the relay up or is it the ecm i cant tell from the wiring in the manual.

    Hope someone can throw some light on the problem for me many thanks

    stevie w

    Ps anyone want to see our hondas in scotland check out tinto212 she has some nice photos posted .

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    Maybe a blown fuse? At one time Nitro posted the wiring diagram on here or on PWCTODAY.COM.

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    Trace the ground wire that goes up to the starter, Its hidden between the inter cooler and engine block. This must have a good connection or it will do what your saying.

    Its a large black cable from the battery.


    PS the fuel pump relay is fed from the ECU wiring which is a totally different wiring trace problem.

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    re starter ground wire

    Thanks Shawn and JR if it was the starter ground wire would the ski then not start at all whereas mine will start after bridging out the relay box and runs fine what does that ground supply on the ski cheers stevie w.

    I am led to think there is a problem with the voltage to open up the relay which supplies the fuel pump and also turns on the blue light on my macsboost solenoid following those wires leads to the mfd and i know i have a 12v supply there at the relay itself. thanks alot guys your info is invaluable on here my problem is the ski is at my caravan 100 miles away and want to know every possible cause before i go there at the weekend.

    Coincidently my oil pressure light keeps coming on and limp mode occurs dont know if the two are related i have changed the oil and filter and now have a new high pressure switch to fit aswell at the weekend

    Cheers Stevie W

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    Problem found and ski sorted ( finally ) .

    The problem was in the loom between the MFD meter and the main relay , the green and black wire had parted company in the middle of the loom . When we found the fault and cut the wire out we discovered that the wire had a very bad case of salt corrosion . A new wire was then soldered into the loom now the main relay is getting a signal from the new wire between the main relay and the MFD .
    Happy days !!

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    It is a shame they don't use true marine cable that has a tinned coating over the copper to keep corrosion down. The marine cable is expensive but is highly reliable.

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