got this pretty decent 750 sx, has a bad ass pjs 800 viper 9000 they call it
most of you probably know what it is

pjs 800 motor
stock 750 exhaust
dual 44-46mm keihin carbs(not sure whick size have not measured them but they are BIG)
extended ride plate/ intake grate
NEEDS turf and tray pads thats it,
not sure which pitch prop but its in great shape
outside is good shape with normal wear and tear no cracks or patches,
origional decals still in good shape,

carbs could use fine tuning but runs great the way it is, no problems at all, fires right up no choke or primer,(it has primer kit on it though) but dont need it

WILL Trade for stock 750, nice 650, or superjet and some cash,

sorry for bad pics ill get some when the sun comes back out in a week lol