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    04 MSX 150 - Just curious what Replacement Motors Options

    I am just curious,

    What would the options be if I decided to rid myself of the weber/turbo configuration. Could I use any other motors and keep the pump etc? What would I need to swap to make this work? Would a 140 HO be the logical move or would it make more sense to look at another make of motor, Yamaha, SeaDoo, Honda, Kawasaki?

    I don't have the money, time, or desire to do this right now. But I do enjoy thinking about it. So to all of you, if you had an MSX150 that you decided was time to do an engine swap, what would you do?

    Just for fun, and thinking out loud right now lets make it interesting and put a budget of 3k on the project. Now what would you do and could it be done on that budget? The purpose of the ski would be to cruise around and on occasion pull water toys etc, top end speed not necessarily the end game rather general usage and minimal maintenance is the goal.

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    There is a project going on right now to convert an MSX 150 hull to use a carb'ed 1165cc Polaris 2-stroke engine.

    Despite the existence of the MSX 140 model, the interior of the MSX 110/150 hulls is slightly different. Engine mount locations are different, for example.

    There is also a project installing a 4-Tec Sea-Doo engine into a Polaris MSX 150 hull. The Sea-Doo 4-Tec engine is the go-to engine for PWC motor swaps. Compact, powerful, and plenty of parts and support available for it.

    Have a look in the Conversion forum - lots of interesting projects happening, or even finished. The most common is putting a 4-Tec engine into a Yamaha GPR hull.

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