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    2005 F-12X G'Scape
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    Pump Oil

    I have on 05' GScape that has 48 hrs on it. Last time out I noticed a new noise. Sounded like I had something stuck in the pump. It runs fine but the noise worried me. I took it home pulled the pump and found out that the O-ring on the cone was pinched, probably from the factory as it only had 17 hrs on it when I got it and had only had it's oil changed and new plugs from the previous owner. There was not a drop of grease to be found in the cone or the pump. I 'am changing the bearings and all of the seals, but have seen the posts about using gear oil instead of the grease. What are the pros and cons of using the oil over the grease? What kind does everyone use? How much Do I use? Thanks for your help in advance. Dolfan 14862

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    I use amsoil lower unit oil its designed for the job. Its been great. No cons I see I changed it right away and have changed it once again around 50 hours. Now have 80 hours running strong

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    I used AmsOil Gear oil......75W140 in my R12X pump. Tilt the pump at a 45* angel, add oil until to see the oil at the rear bearing. Replace cap. Do not pinch the cone o-ring.

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    I use Mercury high performance gear lube.Tested it for one season with about 30 hrs with no problems. I feel the grease is ok but I noticed when you pull the pump apart the grease is not in the bearings it self ,but pushed out of the way!! and oil has a better heat transfer than grease so it keep's the bearing's cool!! So pull the pump apart and get all that grease out and get new seal's
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