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    advice on 08 gp1300r

    whats up yami guys. i own a kawi u250x but my good friend was lookin at a 2008 gp1300r for 8000 new, and i dont know to much about them so i figured i would ask my greenhulk comrads for a little info and advice on whether or not this is a good deal. any replies are greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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    Out the door at 8k? not to bad.. Me personally i would never buy new because there are way too many good deals to be had out there.. but if you insist on it then i think thats about avg.. My local dealer is doing 8200 out the door on 08gpr's.. That is what he had left haha..

    But when you can get a 05-06' with 20-40 hours on it for 5600-6300 all day and save 2k thats up too him!

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