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    Fuel system cleaner

    I was just checking to see if anybody uses Lucas fuel system cleaner in their 2 stroke jet ski?? I have a carbureted sl750 I was thinking about putting some in just for some routine maintenance.


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    I have NOT used Lucas,, I have had great results with Sea Foam

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    I have used SeaFoam. Didn't seem to cause any damage, but I don't think it did any good either.

    For me, if you have fuel system clogging, or suspect something isn't right, you really should fix the problem directly, not try to mask or ignore it with a chemical additive.

    Clean the carbs, replace the fuel lines, whatever it needs.

    These fuel system additive products tend to be primarily a blend of solvents. Diluted in the gasoline, I suspect their capabilities are limited.

    Years ago, when there were no regulations for such products, I suspect they contained much nastier, and more potent, chemicals. Some old ingredients may even have been carcinogens.

    That is when they built their strong reputations, and many products now rely on those old reputations, even though the product has changed, and the engines and fuel systems have also greatly changed. Even gasoline is different now.

    Now that every product needs to list their contents and hazards in MSDS, I think some 'old school' fuel system products have had their chemistry revised to be 'safer'.

    Here is what is in SeaFoam

    According to the MSDS, Sea Foam is a combination of;
    40% - 60% Pale Oil (aka Naphthenic oil?)
    25% - 35% Naphtha (aka Coleman fuel, white gas)
    10% - 20% IsoPropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol)

    Some solvent, some alcohol, and lots of light weight oil, it would seem.

    Update: Apparently SeaFoam has now removed the details from their MSDS.
    The ingredients listed above were from a previously online MSDS

    Here is a make-it-yourself recipe

    According to the Gold Eagle StaBil Fuel Stabilizer MSDS, it contains 95% Hydrotreated light naphthenic distillate solvent extract, and 5% Proprietary or trade secret ingredient(s)

    Hydrotreated light naphthenic distillate solvent extract is also a primary ingredient in;

    Gumout Professional Internal Engine Cleaning Solution-07/08/2002
    Gumout Professional Engine Flush
    Bearin Seal Fuel Injection Cleaner-09/01/1998
    Pyroil Low VOC Engine Degreaser
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    Nice info K447 ! I have wondered about this stuff, for me Seafoam has done nothing, but in the outboard motor world those guys swear by something called Berryman B-12 chemtool, why I don' know, K447 can you you look this stuff up, curious to see it's contents compared to the others.


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    IMO there is no "mechanic in a can".

    if you have dirty carbs, you MUST take them apart to clean. think of it this way, even "if" you put something in your fuel, that is strong enough to clean gum, and varnish, it will then also mix with your oil, in your injection, break it down, and possibly cause engine damage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SMOKEWAGON View Post
    ...Berryman B-12 chemtool...curious to see it's contents compared to the others...
    Have a look at this Berryman MSDS list.

    Would this be the product? B12 Chemtool
    Toluene 60-70%
    Acetone 20-30%
    Hexanes 5-10%

    In general, if you Google the exact product name, plus MSDS, you will find the product contents info.

    The MSDS listing will only tell you about the active ingredients that also are potentially harmful, flammable, or dangerous in some way. Passive ingredients are not required to be listed so thoroughly.

    There are several other variations of the B-12 product line;

    The B-12 Carb cleaner fuel treatment ingredients are;
    Mixed Xylenes 65-75%
    N-Propanol 15-20%
    2-Butoxyethanol 5-15%
    Ethyl Benzene 5-15%

    Now you can go look up what each of those ingredients is, or does

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    Most of the bottled "fuel system" cleaners on the market today are naptha/oil based and an alcohol as the cleaning agent. Ethanol (grain alcohol) is in most pump gas today at concentrations of 10%. If your carbs (or injectors) are full of old gas that has seperated, the gunk buildup of organisms that live off the separated alcohol/water (and then poop) will be impossible to clean without manual disassembly and cleaning. Especially if left long enough to dry completely and form rock hard deposits. There is only one fuel cleaner that has ever been recomended by Ford and was for a specific condition. The condition was sulfer buildup on fuel level sender cards and the product that removed them was Chevron fuel system cleaner with Techron. My prior comment was not to recomend adding alcohol (Seafoam) to gasoline, but to make the point that you're paying a bunch of money for what...alcohol. If you still want to try it, you can get a gallon of methanol (wood alcohol) at the track for what you'd pay for a half pint of most fuel system cleaners at the store.

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    Snake Oil

    Completely anecdotal - I worked for awhile at a major retailer of auto parts, if you have ever shopped there you know that they always have a fuel system cleaner that they try to get you to buy at checkout. I never liked pushing that stuff on anybody because there was never any evidence available that any of that stuff did anything at all. I asked multiple upper management types, as well as the products reps that we would occasionally see, to give us SOMETHING that we could show customers that would indicate real research had been done on a before and after comparison. My rationale was that I would have more confidence in the product if somebody could show some evidence that is does something. Needless to say, I never got any results. Nothing, zip, nada. I don't think that evidence exists. I don't think any of those products do anything. My standard response to the question what will (insert product name here) do became it will definitely separate you from five of your dollars. Like Zig says, if you fuel system needs attention, nothing you can add from a can will fix it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Urway2slow View Post
    I was just checking to see if anybody uses Lucas fuel system cleaner in their 2 stroke jet ski?? I have a carbureted sl750 I was thinking about putting some in just for some routine maintenance.


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