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    Quick question (hopefully) on a 1997 SL 900

    I ended the season with a bad battery, removed it, and stored my 1997 SL 900. The next year I wasn't able to take the PWC out, and I couldn't take it out the year after that either. This year I bought a battery and went to install it and I've run into a problem. I have a positive and negative cable, but I also have a black wire coming out of the top of the electrical box. It has a round terminal-type end to it and seems to be a ground wire since after installing the battery, the electrical doesn't work unless I ground this wire against something metal.

    I don't remember this wire from 2-3 years ago, can anyone tell me where this is supposed to attach to?

    I've looked at a few service manuals, but none of those had pictures of the electrical box. I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me.

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    It goes to the neg on the battery also

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    Thanks alot, I appreciate it. I looked like that's where it went based on the curve of the wire, but I don't like to guess when it comes to electrical, just not knowledgable enough. Thanks again!

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    Welcome to the Hulk JJ.

    Are you from or in Cleveland?

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