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    Talking New Japan Product For FZ

    Check it out!! I just got my new power filter for FZ and Blow- Off
    This power filter is a monster..
    Here are the pic
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    Filter with a BOV??

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    fz filer

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    Hmm, filter with a glow igniter cap. I see the charge needle, lol.
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    Who makes it, and have you got any testing on it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockpwc View Post
    Hmm, filter with a glow igniter cap. I see the charge needle, lol.
    lol.......what is that sticking out?

    And alll those weird bends are not really the recipe for good airflow into the engine.....not to mention water intrusion issues and the possibility of ingesting water as thats the exact spot ill see salt after a hard day of riding offSHOre...........get the Riva...... it's the best design i've seen....

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    Looks like the small APC filter (from Advance Auto Parts) I was using to hold me over until my RIVA intake arrived yesterday.

    Here's a pic of the old one:

    If I were you I would seriously consider using the RIVA intake. Yes, it's expensive, but it is an extremely good design and did I mention it's freakin HUGE! The filter is probably 3 times the size of that one and you get about about a full 4 inches in diameter to deliver MASSIVE cubic air volume. Yes I know $279 is pretty high but once I got my kit I knew exactly why. It is QUALITY. If you order from Jerry's online store and use the cupon code GREENHULK you get 10% off. That's almost 30 bucks off!

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