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    Yamalube 2M...

    Not interested in opinions, I know what kind of can is opened up in an oil discussion be it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke thing. Just wondering if anyone has used the Yamalube 2M (for outboard motors) in a D-Plated GP1300r, or any waverunner for that matter.

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    Shouldnt you use 2W?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zpeters View Post
    Shouldnt you use 2W?
    You might want to read the post again.

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    ....I've had that same question. The only comparisions that I've had experience with is Kawi's, Penziol's, and Mercury's synthetic blends, which of course is what the 2M is, a blend.

    I just did a d-plate and will use Penziol's synblend and when not available default to mercury's synblend. That's the only thing available inexpensive and close to home. If I had full syn close to home I'd do it. (Yamaha makes a 2-R full syn but that's for pre-mix I believe)

    PS, I've tried the 2-W as a pre-mix when I needed a quick fix, and it doesn't work very well (wanted to foul/blubbered on top-end). My guess it's only designed for injection, and the the type and viscose is different.

    Not opinion; just experience.


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