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    valve problems in 04 and 05 4tecs

    Do the 155 hp engines suffer from the same valve breaking issues that the 04 - 05 215 hp engines do.
    I am asking cause I may trade my 06 C180 for an 04 speedster 200 310 HP but not if the valves are an issue.

    I did search but cant find anything specific to the 155 hp engines.


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    I think they are solid valves that get rusty in the exhaust over time, I think..

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    I just came from comparing part # of the valves on the 04,05 and 06 155 hp engines and there is a change in part # for the intake valve in 06 and later engines, the exhaust valves still have the same part #. This does not look like good news.

    Was it the intake or exhaust valves that commonly break?


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    The SC models have Inconel exhaust valves that will never rust. I'm pretty sure they NA models have Stainless valves. From what I understand, the problem is dropping valves caused by a poorly designed camshaft. I believe the NA models have a different cam, so it may not be a problem. Furthermore, the lower rpm limit of the NA models would make the problem much less evident.

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    Wonder why the part # changed in 06. Has anyone ever heard of an NA engine busting a valve.

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    I changed mine to Ferrea valves from here to go with the rest of the Ferrea valve-train kit before I put the Camshaft in.

    Should be tough as you can get it now if I look after it.

    Anyone wanna buy a set of 07 RX-P vlves with 40 gentle hrs on them?

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    04-05 215hp exhaust valves had problems. Seadoo did a redesign in 06.

    The differance in the supercharged to N.A. Is Supercharged has a hollow sodium filled valve. The N.A. is a solid Valve . I have not seen too many NA valve problems.

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