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    "98 XPL Taking on water

    I had my 98 XPL ouyt yester day and it was pulled up on the beach for a couple of hours. When I went to get on it I noticed that it was sitting low in the water and when I pulled the rear cover it had water up to the drive shaft. Where would be the mst likely entry point and whats the best way to check? I would assume fill the hull with water on dry ground?

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    Check to make sure both baler tubes are inside the nozzle. If one is missing, it is pumping it back into the hull when running.

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    putting water in the hull and then on a hill helped me find a couple water leaks.

    Here is a list of possibilities:

    Battery Vent hose if you disconnected it (gel bat.)
    VTS bellow
    VTS though hull fitting
    Sponsons - Check to see if they are loose
    Drive shaft carbon ring
    exhaust tip
    Pump lines

    Just some ideas for you. (and yes i have a water leak that i cant find)


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    make sure your bilge pump is not syphoning water back into the hull. when the pump activates it primes the tubing. you pull the lanyard which kills power to the pump. the primed tubing now starts flowing backwards into the hull.

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