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Thread: 1997 GSX mats

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    1997 GSX mats

    I have a stock seadoo GSX with the stock purple seadoo ruber mats. They are bubbled up and i would like to replace them with some hydroturf ones like are on our new yamaha. I have seen some kits on ebay but you have to glue them. I have herd there are some that are peal an stick. do you just drill out the rivets that hold the stock mats on? If anyone has photos of the mats instaled i would love to see them Are the mats the same on a 1997 seadoo GTX and XP? Is there any other place to buy other than ebay. Would like the peal and stick kinf.

    thanks tmaxx445

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    There are a few manufacturers out there. You can see in my avatar that I have some that are just like Hydro Turf, but a different company. I prefer this style as opposed to Gator Grips.

    You have to glue all of them, it's not as hard as you must be thinking it is.

    And the rivet holes need filling with Marine Silicone prior to install.

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