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    Triple fuel pump

    Well as some know i bought a 95 slt this past weekend. It seems to be in good running order, and i kinda want it to stay like that. SO i have been looking into this triple fuel pump that seem to be a common upgrade. But I have a few questions about it. Is this an easy project? Do the carbs need to be adjusted after this is changed? Is there anthing else that should be changed while I do this? Sorry for so many questions


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    Easy upgrade to do. A little fuel hose routing is all.

    No carb adjustment needed due to swapping the pump.

    You should replace the fuel hoses at the same time due to age. Simple remove and replace procedure.

    NOTE: the return hose going to the fuel tank has a brass restrictor inside of it that needs to be re-installed. It's about an inch past the last carb.

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    It is not very hard to do. Just take your time, and review the installation info posted here, and elsewhere on this forum.

    While you are changing the fuel pump, the normal recommendation is to replace all the old fuel lines, including any inside the fuel tank. Old lines can crack and leak air into the fuel stream, which is bad for the engine. Also change the fuel pump pulse hose to the crank case, just to know everything is new and good.

    If your engine still has the small auto-cock device next tot eh fuel pump, it should be discarded, and the carb connection capped off.

    Clean and if possible refurbish the fuel selector valve. It is also under mild suction from the fuel pump, and the O-ring can get leaky from old age. Some have managed to replace the O-ring, and grease the valve when putting it back together.

    Another option is to install a Sea-Doo fuel selector instead. It will fit the opening, but the knob positions are different (on-off-reserve). Just put your own labels on

    Examine all the cooling hoses. Replace any that look too aged. Check all the clamps, of course.

    If you haven't already, consider rebuilding the carbs. The diaphragms and such are 14 years old in there. It is not uncommon for folks to report that they found gunk in the carb internal filters, or other problems, when they open them up.

    These high output 2-stroke engines do not tolerate poor fuel delivery, or poor carburetion. Make sure the fuel system is good, and avoid lean burn piston damage.

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