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    S200 trailer creaking problem.

    hi everyone,

    what to do to stop trailer creaking when loaded? Sometimes it sound like its going to fall apart when going over holes or bumps on the road. I guess the noise is coming from leaf springs pressuring the frame of trailer, but not sure..

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    Same here, snap,crackle,pop nice Karavan trailers!!
    I somewhat helped mine by lifting each side of trailer one at a time relieving weight on springs then soaking the springs with some good old creeping lube and checking all of the "u" bolts torque specs. Looks like a slight bit of torsion/deflection on the axle with all of the "u"bolts will always make some noise.

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    I have the same problem with my Sportster trailer. It's REALLY creaky at slow speeds. I guess I didn't think it was a big enough deal to mess with, but if I had the time lubing up the leafs sounds like a good solution, albeit short term.

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    I spray the leaf springs of mine down with WD40 once or twice a year. Squeaks like a mofo if I don't

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