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    Which Loctite For Stator Cup Bolts

    I just wanted to get everyone’s feedback on what you uses for threadlocker on 787 stator cup bolts. The manual calls for loctite 648 which hard to find and not many people use. Sounds like a lot of people use red loctite, but there are also a few that use blue. I've even heard from someone that you should replace the bolts because when you loosen them they get stretched and weak. When I reassembled my engine I used blue and I'm wondering if I should take the flywheel cover off and put some red on?

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    Running a Rossier pipe you will be fine reusing your bolts and using Blue Loctite 242. I have this on my 96 with a Jetinetics Flywheel and have never had a problem with it coming loose.

    Prep is the key. Make sure you chase the threads with a tap to get all the old Loctite out of the holes, and clean the bolt threads with a wire brush. Then spray all with carb cleaner to remove any residue. This gives the new Loctite and clean surface to adhere to.

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