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    Minor gsx 800 mods...want reliable and cheap

    I would love to mod the hell out of this ski but thats not why I went with a gsx vs x-4 800.

    But I'm having alot of issues not doing some minor stuff, I just have to its what I do.

    So its completely stock right now VERY low hours 31!!

    After doing alot of reading, groupK resto mod and a few posts, I come up with this small list in order.

    1. Flame arrestor
    2. Mill stock head (not 100% on this)
    3. AAT from wet wolf

    Ok ya its small mods, I would love to put a pipe on it too but I think thats getting alittle to much.

    I'm not 100% on the milling of the head just going back to my winter toys, I don't see any sleds with milled heads just cnc heads for better cooling and compression. We have 91-94 oct here and I'm not interested in running anything more then that if that. I see tons of skis with either a milled head or miller/gk/r&d heads. Of course the aftermarket head are better but worth the $$$ not sure.

    The AAT from wet wolf, ya I can see people saying don't waste your time etc but I've done alot of searches and can't find anything negitive, only thing I can find is that people give up on tuning it, so they don't notice any real gains top end, but everyone seems to say it give you better hook up in the rough. The concept is sounds and its a cheap mod.

    I'm mainly looking for some more top speed everything else is fine, sure I could use some 0-20mph gains for jumping but coming from my SL650 I'm sure I'll be fine.

    So comments? suggestions?

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    Ok was out afterword today, in the bay it was 1.5ft-6" chop ran strong showing 63mph on wisho meter and 55.5 on gps with 220lbs rider full tank of last years gas, only did one run really but where I think I hit the fastest speed was 4-6" chop slight head wind, rpms seem alittle lower then what I thought it should be around 6680+, I know it was over that a few times 6750 or something like that. There was only a short section of under 6" chop to run the wind was strong everywhere else.

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    Your speed is pretty respectable for your weight and all other conditions combined. This hull is fastest on glass, just like our X-4's.

    Defenitely do the milled stock head, I recommend PPG as the GK mill does not add that much compression. More bang for your buck. Use Fly or Prok Flame Arrestors, as they produce the most HP.

    The AAT is a fine line. It will take you hours to get more than what you currently have with the stock prop. I, like what you said, gave up because it was just too labor intensive. I saw the possibilities, but to really get more I would have to nozzle up to about an 88 or 89 venturi (from an 84) to get my holeshot back, and then adjust the length to dial in the top end. I even helped him develop a better shaped cone (for Skat Pumps)that holds the spring-loaded tip. Understandably, you should be able to dial yours quicker with a stock pump cone AAT.

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    I think I'll move the AAT down the list, and maybe add an R&D 85mm nozzel. But there alittle pricey, but I do like the bolt on factory.

    When you send the head out to get milled do they have spares to send right back or do you wait for yours to be milled? What about domes? Is it better to just switch the domes then do the head?

    I'm surpised that they get the best topspeed on flatwater, I just remember last year a buddy always pulled on my in my SL650 with his 93 xp in 10"-12" chop and we where side by side in flat.

    I want to do one mod at a time as well to see if each one will make a diff.

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