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    96 XP enigne problem help!

    I had a new cylinder put in last fall and today was the first day i used the ski in the water since. I ran it slwo for the first few mins and then used it like i normally do. It ran fine for about 30 mins and then started to feel like a car does when its running out of gas, then it slowed considedrably at full throttle. When i would let it idle it would shut down, but it always starts right back up. A loud "pinging/knocking noise" comes from the engine every couple seconds...what did I do?!

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    as far as the "knock" I think thats normal.

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    I wouldn't ride it anymore believe me $$$ check your compression. You need to baby the new top end for at least a tank full with no wot right off the bat, just getting on a fresh motor will seize it or score the cylinder.

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    I will try the you think I may have already messed up up to the point where its not even worth trying to fix? I did get on it pretty goood today for a good 20 mins. It still starts right up and it stays at idle out of the water, seems to even rev up normal out of the water. (Im not doing this nemore so I dont screw things up worse, but this is from earlier today) The shop said it was going to cost moer to fix it then the ski was even worth when i called them.

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    Well, this is going to make me sound like a complete newbie but i think i fixed the problem. I replaced the spark plugs, which were fouled, and the thing starts right up and sounds just like it did before. I think the knock noise was normal like the poster said above. I feel extremely embarassed haha but thank you for your help! If something else goes wrong I will let you guys know.

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    you need to do a search and find "top end break in" procedures. You prob. have already done some damage. Holding wide open throttle with a new top end doesn't usually work well. Most likely you glazed your walls and need a new hone or bore...You really need to check the compression before you ride again. (you have to give the new rings time to set in to the new hone of the wall..

    btw there should be no wide open throttle runs and premixing extra oil is a must oil the first tank AT LEAST!...sorry for the bad news and hope that by chance your still ok.

    knocking is not normal...i think that was sarcastic

    GL let us know what happens.


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    Thanks for the input...Im going to go get the compression tested tommorow and see what happens. Will that tell me if I screwed it up? If a new hone or bore is needed, how much does that usually run? Thanks again, Im still learning.

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    a compression test will tell you if your top end is still good. If you get numbers over 120 you should be ok. What happens is the new rings never are the same round as the cylinder. They will wear into the walls. As they wear they need extra lub (due to extra friction) for the first couple hours. After this the rings will be worn in and you will see the compression rise as they set.

    if you need a new top end...well how much did you pay last time. just pay that again. Or do it yourself, and ask nicley around here and people will help you out with parts..


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