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    13 Yr old son now has Police record

    My son and some of his friends were in the back yard having an air soft pellet gun war. They had all the gear on for safety (like used for paintball). When they were done they all went to the park to play basketball, one of the kids had his replica Colt .45 (painted black, not very bright child!!). Someone decided that it would be cool to show it off. Remember, this is in a city park, someone at the tennis park seen this item and called the police. My son was to be home at 8:30, at 9:30 he rolls into the house and says, "I know I'm really late, but there is someone that wants to talk to you outside".I met the officer in the front yard. He was brining all the kids home personally and wanted to make sure we knew how "not so cool" it was to have a toy painted to look real. In Minneapolis a teen was shot when he walked out of a store. He died at the hospital.In all nine squads, 12 officers and 3 K-9 units responded. I'm glad that they responded the way they did, just wish it was not my kid.All the parents involved signed the kids up for a gun safety class this summer. The local police and hunting clubs put that on. By the way, One of the kids soiled his pants.

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    wow, glad no one was hurt and all ended well.

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    valuable lessons are learned the hard way.

    i would be happy this happened instead of something worse, like the real thing.

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    Wow! That could of ended real bad. That was decent of the cop to go to each parents house. Most cops these days seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

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    The officer was generous in bringing them home and not to your local detention center. These situations are not taken lightly in these times. The gun safety class is a wonderful way to teach them how important it is to respect any firearm weather it be a real .45 or a replica. There was also a case a while back where a teen was fatally shot by a police sniper for coming out of the woods and raising a very realistic looking paintball gun. I'm sure your son will take this as a lesson learned and he will enjoy the class. Good luck

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